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Welcome to Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa

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Luxury Accommodations - Chairman Overwater Bungalows - Diamond Club™

Enjoy an All-In Luxury® getaway with Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa   Experience All-In Luxury® at Royalton Luxury Resorts’ newest all-inclusive property, Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa. Located on a white-sand beach in Deep Bay, in Antigua, the resort offers relaxing ocean views and a host of water sports. Royalton Antigua is the perfect vacation destination for discerning travelers in search of a luxurious beach getaway.

Overview of Royalton Resorts

  How could you prepare the perfect place for a Royalton Resort? First, find a Caribbean island fashioned by a thousand years of thundering Atlantic rollers on one side, and the gentle kisses of the Caribbean Sea on the other.   Then place a necklace of coral reefs around its white sand coastline. Now let languid blue lagoons develop lovingly around its rippling shores.   Now find a crescent-shaped beach hugging a deep blue bay. Make sure it has soft silver sand and still blue waters ideal for splashing and swimming. Just for good measure, throw in an old sunken wreck in the middle of the bay to make a perfect target for scuba and snorkelling.   And there you have it! The perfect setting for the Royalton Antigua Resort & Spa. The resort sits on Deep Bay on the North-West coast of Antigua. The natural beauty of Antigua will take your breath away.

Royalton Antigua overview

Antigua holidays don’t come much better than the Royalton Resort. If you want an Antigua all-inclusive, stay here! The newest of the Antigua hotels. The Royalton has incomparable service, elegant architecture, great restaurants, and activities and events to suit every visitor.   The Royalton has 294 rooms arranged over three floors. You can book for Resort or Diamond Club. Extra features with Diamond Club are:  
  • Butler Service
  • Preferential reservations in á la carte restaurants
  • Dedicated bar and waiter service on Exclusive are of the beach.
  • Exclusive Diamond Club shimmering pool and beach area with waiter service
  • Upgraded room service menu
  • Distinctive wrist band
  • Discounts on Spa treatments and beauty services
And more

Antigua’s appealing history

  Fort Barrington has kept a watchful eye over this pristine bay from its vantage point on the summit of Goat’s Hill since 1776. This old fort whose remit was to defend the entrance to St John’s Harbour from the French invasion. It now rests, in its fading splendour, to gaze upon the modern architecture of the Royalton Antigua Resort & Spa.     If you have a mind to, you can walk the short distance from the beach to the hilltop fort. You will be rewarded with spectacular views of St Johns Harbour, Deep Bay, and the big blue breadth of the Caribbean.   To stay at the Royalton Antigua Resort is to discover for yourself why this enchanting Caribbean island is adored by history lovers, bird followers, and sun-seekers alike.   Antigua has something for everyone. The Colonial culture showed in the Dockyard, in English Harbour restored to its former glory, or the multi-coloured villages scattered around the island.  

Antigua’s beaches

  In Antigua, you could visit a different beach every day of the year. But don’t suppose the sociable Antiguans will disclose the site of their favourite beach. Find a beach for yourself!   But if you don’t have a year and need to spend your holiday on one beach, Deep Bay Beach will delight you. This is the new site of the Royalton Antigua Resort and Spa.


Antigua’s unique bird population

  Antigua and Barbuda (this nation’s full name), has an exclusive bird population. This includes the Barbuda Warbler, the Purple-throated Carib Lesser Antillean Flycatcher, and the hummingbird.   Then there’s the Caribbean coot, and the endangered West Indian Whistling Duck. The crowning glory on Barbuda is the amazing Frigate bird greatest Frigate nesting colony in the world.  The Frigates, known as "Weather Birds", circle the island when a storm is approaching.

Spa & Fitness

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Fitness - The Royal Spa

Fitness - The Royal Spa

Guests are invited to spend precious moments to ensure they return home refreshed and renewed after a visit to The Royal Spa, a full-service health facility providing the opportunity to invest in wellness. The Royal Spa features a hydrotherapy circuit and a full-range of massage, body and facial treatments that feature time honoured healing practices.

Experience complete relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration with comprehensive spa packages. Our professional staff is dedicated to ensuring you’re refreshed and ready to enjoy the rest of your luxury vacation.

Special Occasions

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Weddings - Groups

Weddings - Groups

A wedding that makes its mark along the sandy coast of Deep Bay under the watchful eye of Fort Barrington is the perfect setting for two lovers to tie the knot. Elevate your wedding experience on our sky terrace where the stunning view of the ocean is in plain sight. Whether it’s a traditional wedding or a Royalton Disco Experience, your wedding and the photos that capture it will be as breathtaking as the moments you’ve shared. Beachfront vows followed by a delicious dinner in tropical elegance are the standard at Royalton Antigua where wedding packages are tailored for any taste and budget, so you can customize your special celebration just the way you’d like it.